The strangest thoughts can hit you at the weirdest moment.

For some of you, it may be just before bedtime. For others, when you are commuting. There are yet others who do their most profound thinking while seated on the toilet.

Me? I do my thinking when I am in the shower. Of course, the problem begins when you have terrible short-term memory (I attribute it to an overactive imagination and a mind that thinks too far ahead of itself), and cannot find paper and pencil in the shower to jot down notes.

I think my thought processes can be likened to when you surf the web for something and then get distracted by one interesting hyperlink after another…and soon, you are so deep in the “web” that you can’t find your way back out. My teachers in school (and certain others) would beg to differ. To them, I am just plain distracted, or did not think things through, or cannot articulate myself well enough. I like to think that I think things through too thoroughly, thus ending up with many different possible endings / possibilities / scenarios, and need time to get my thoughts unraveled. Like a crazy mind-map that has gone off the page. Problem is, I either get too tired to think after a while, or too lazy. Unfortunately, the unraveling often happens JUST before bedtime. Like now. Doesn’t help either, that I usually shower just before bedtime. But enough about my nightly ablutions.

Anyway, where was I? (see what I mean??!?!)

Oh yeah…so this time while in the shower, I was thinking about the whole social media thing because i was thinking about some books on social media marketing that i have been reading, and what it’s uses were for marketing purposes (it’s got to do with part of my work). Along the way, I got to thinking about Facebook, and how some people seem to think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread that is smothered in garlic butter and lightly toasted till crisp and golden brown (it happened again!), while others vilify it and seem to think it comes from the devil himself. I haven’t seen the movie “The Social Network”, but from what i heard, it portrays Mark Zuckerberg as the devil incarnate (another hijacked thought!!)

So why was I saying all this?

Oh yes…Facebook. It’s a really great way to keep in touch and all, and when it first came on the scene, some people used to take pride in the number of friends they had on Facebook. Just like how some people boast about the number of people they have in their Skype or MSN Messenger accounts, and ICQ before that. Pathetic, really.

I got to thinking how many people on one’s Facebook account (or any other social networking platform for that matter) can actually be really called one’s true friends. I guess it depends on how one defines true friends. I am not knocking anyone here, but one thing that really irks me is how people get reminded it is someone’s birthday only when Facebook reminds them, and then the birthday wishes start pouring in for the person.

I’m thinking, if someone is really a close friend, you would remember their birthdays and wouldn’t need Facebook to remind you. Conversely, true friends will remember your birthday and wouldn’t need Facebook to remind them. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t put my birth date on Facebook (the other being for privacy reasons). Don’t bother looking. It’s not there.

My reasoning is this. The people who matter most to me wouldn’t need it, and it doesn’t matter to me whether anybody else remembers.

So if you really want to know who your true friends are, remove your birth date off of Facebook. Of course, I am aware that there are many out there who will disagree and may possibly even take offense…feel free to comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway…why did I start this post again?

Oh well…I give up.

Good night.