This blog has undergone numerous changes since i started it about 5 years ago. Along the way, technology has changed, and so have I. However, the purpose of this blog remains the same, and that is to help me maintain some semblance of sanity in a mad, mad world of work and…err…work.

While some people update their blogs religiously every day, I maintain that the name of the blog should reflect one’s ethos…which in this case, is…well…relax lah. That is why i update this whenever the mood (or inspiration) strikes me. Which is, unfortunately (or fortunately), not very often. Also, while others use blogs to update their friends and family on one’s life (nothing wrong with that), I find that good old fashioned conversation is still the best (and most personal way) to find out how others are doing. Technology helps bridge gaps, but at the same time, they are missing that human touch…

So if you want to find out how i am doing, stop reading this and drop me a line…if you just want to pass the time, then read on (though there isn’t much right now).